Senator Lavalle Remains Focused on Timely Budget

Kenneth P. LaValle

March 05, 2010

“The April 1 budget deadline is nearing at lightning speed.  The need to stay focused on adopting a state budget by that time is my number one priority and should be for the entire Legislature,” said Senator Kenneth P. LaValle. 

“The Democrats have already missed deadlines prescribed under the Budget Reform Act of 2007.  The Joint Budget Conference Committees, in particular, should have been established within 10 days after the Governor submitted his budget.  These committees had been effective in moving budget negotiations along in a timely fashion.

“These next four weeks should not be tied up with more chaos and interruptions that distract the Legislature from remaining focused on the budget.  We must move forward at a quick and effective pace to bring in an on-time budget that will best serve the people of New York,” concluded Senator LaValle.