Senator LaValle Requests Your Assistance to Help Disabled Veterans Obtain State Contracts

Kenneth P. LaValle

January 17, 2014

NY Jobs For Heroes Program would create a state contract category for service-connected disabled Veterans

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Senator Ken LaValle is seeking your help to gain a groundswell of support for a potential program.  “NY Jobs For Heroes” is legislation that Senator LaValle’s co-sponsoring to provide service-connected disabled veterans preference for state contract awards.  “These disabled veterans deserve to have the state provide them with a little assistance after all that they have given for our country. Veteran’s unemployment rates are double that of their civilian counterparts, so it’s the least we can do.” said Senator LaValle.

Senator LaValle is asking for individuals to go to his website ( and sign the petition showing support.  “We passed this legislation last year in the Senate, and now, we need to convince the Assembly to follow suit. I am pleased that this measure was mentioned in the State-Of-The-State message, but we need to build on momentum now to make this measure law.” the Senator continued.

I am extremely hopeful that by illustrating the great importance of the “NY Jobs For Heroes” in a petition, that the Assembly will pass the bill and the Governor will immediately sign this into law.” LaValle stated.

There is a successful federal program that has been mirrored for this legislation, in addition to over 40 states that have implemented similar measures.   “We need to join the other states that have passed this legislation.  Please help us gain momentum by signing the petition on my website to begin helping these deserving veterans.” Senator LaValle concluded.