Senator Lavalle Seeks to Convene a Constitutional Convention

Kenneth P. LaValle

July 14, 2009

Senator Kenneth P. LaValle will introduce a measure to convene a limited constitutional convention for the sole purpose of providing a process by which a lieutenant governor is chosen in the event of a vacancy and to provide real property tax reform.

A constitutional convention is called to write a new constitution or revise an existing constitution.  A limited constitutional convention is restricted to revising only the specifics named in the legal mandate establishing the convention.  New York State’s next opportunity for a convention will be 2017.

“The events of the last month in Albany show an absolute need to give consideration to the process of selecting a lieutenant governor should the seat be vacated,” said Senator LaValle.  “In addition, homeowners and businesses are overburdened by ever-increasing property taxes and can no longer afford to stay in New York.  The bill I am introducing would convene a special constitutional convention providing a forum to specifically analyze and resolve these important issues.”