Senator Lavalle Seeks to Convene a Constitutional Convention

Kenneth P. LaValle

January 05, 2010

Senator Kenneth P. LaValle has introduced legislation to convene a limited constitutional convention for the purpose of providing a process that would bring about real property tax reform.  Homeowners and businesses are overburdened by ever-increasing property taxes and can no longer afford to stay in New York

“I have been a leader on this front and have produced, what I believe, are solid ideas and alternatives to bring real property taxes under control,” said Senator LaValle.  “Senator Liz Krueger recently issued a report that recommends less pressure on the property tax system.  However, I do not feel her recommendations go far enough.

“I am proposing to convene a constitutional convention to ensure an outcome that is isolated from stakeholder influence,” continued Senator LaValle.  “This forum would allow us to specifically analyze this important issue and provide numerous alternatives before determining the best mechanism to substantially reduce real property taxes.”

A constitutional convention is called to write a new constitution or revise an existing constitution.  A limited constitutional convention is restricted to revising only the specifics named in the legal mandate establishing the convention.  New York State’s next opportunity for a convention will be 2017.

“We need to bring the issue of real property tax reform to an affirmative vote,” said Senator LaValle.  “The people of this state should be the ones to decide, by referendum, the best methodology to provide tax relief.

“If people were able to spend less money on property taxes they would be able to put more dollars into the economy, which would help create jobs and restore our economic vitality,” concluded Senator LaValle.