Senator Lavalle Supports Cap on School Property Taxes

Kenneth P. LaValle

August 04, 2010

While Senator Kenneth P. LaValle today voted in support of a property tax cap, the amendment he offered would have provided greater relief for homeowners.  Senator LaValle proposed capping the growth in property tax levies at 2.5 percent or 120 percent of the consumer price index (CPI), whichever is lower.  The measure that ultimately passed the Senate provides a 4 percent school tax cap or 120 percent of the CPI.

“The amendment I offered would have kept New York State consistent with caps recently enacted by Massachusetts, New Jersey, and other states,” said Senator LaValle.  “It would have provided greater savings for taxpayers and done more to ensure that our school districts and local governments are responsible and disciplined in their spending.”

The Senate Republicans first passed a property tax cap in 2008.  The Senate Republicans’ unanimous support of this tax cap demonstrates their continued commitment to protecting homeowners from hefty property tax increases and providing much-needed tax relief.