Smart Grid” Good for Long Island

Kenneth P. LaValle

August 28, 2009


Senator Kenneth P. LaValle has long been an advocate of alternative energy research to help control utility costs, make our delivery systems more efficient, and protect our natural environment.   The recent announcement of the “Smart Grid” Consortium is a productive step in that direction and will help position New York State as a leader in clean energy.

“We are in dire need of new energy sources to fulfill the ever-increasing demand for power in New York State, particularly on Long Island,” said Senator LaValle.  “We are fortunate to have among us some of the most renowned research institutions in the nation as well as a respected group of effective business leaders and concerned elected officials.  The ‘Smart Grid’ will take advantage of our assets by collaborating with the finest from the education, research, government, and business communities and consumers to create a more cost effective source of electricity, create new jobs, and enhance our economic growth.”

The “Smart Grid” Consortium was created to advance technologies that will improve service and deliver electricity more efficiently.  For example, the proposed “Smart Meter” will help achieve that goal by enabling customers to manage electric consumption, minimizing customer service disruptions, and increasing the use of renewable resources.

“The desired outcome of the ‘Smart Grid’ is to create a cheaper, cleaner energy that will generate an economic resurgence for New York State,” said Senator LaValle.  “The end result will not only improve energy efficiency, but will deliver new, clean energy jobs for our region and a cleaner environment for future generations.”