Survey Says: Cap Property Taxes and State Spending, Require Super Majority to Impose New Taxes.

When it comes to taxes and spending, those paying the bills overwhelmingly want property taxes capped, a super-majority vote to implement a tax increase and a New York State spending cap, according to results from a just released survey by New York State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle (R-C-I, Port Jefferson).  The 14 question survey asked respondents’ views about current and pending legislation (five questions), eight demographic questions, and one open ended.

“We are living in historic times,” LaValle said, “and must work together to adapt to this new and challenging environment.” I am focused on pocketbook issues that can provide relief to overburdened taxpayers,” LaValle added, “and will continue to meet with stakeholders about the budget to determine if we can formulate program redesigns and delivery systems that meet the public’s needs and affordability.”

LaValle has held more than a dozen meetings in the First Senatorial District and in Albany about budget impacts. LaValle’s next meeting is this Friday with more than 25 school superintendents from his district.

Spending and taxes are the number one concern said LaValle. Poll takers overwhelming support a state spending cap (86%) and property tax cap (84%).

LaValle said, “Twenty-four percent of respondents said they were unemployed in the last year, and four percent report they are still unemployed. LaValle said he intends to ask about the underemployed – those employed, but in a lower position or salary level than in the past -- in a future poll.

Survey results are here:

The survey raw results are available at including the open ended responses.