Senator Kevin Parker Advocates for Early Voting In New York State

Kevin S. Parker

January 09, 2018


Albany, NY (1/9/18) – Senator Kevin Parker joined fellow legislators and advocacy groups at a press conference led by the Ranking Democratic Member of the New York State Senate Elections Committee, Senator Brian Kavanagh, urging Governor Cuomo to Fund Early Voting in the Fiscal 2018-2019 Executive Budget.

Over the years, New York State has exhibited poor voter turnout in both national and statewide elections. During the press conference, legislators proposed several proactive approaches that can ensure those registered to vote have flexibility in casting their vote.

“It is imperative that we move toward improving the voting process for the residents of our State and by including funding for Early Voting in the state budget, we are ensuring it becomes a reality,” said Senator Parker. “We need early voting to ensure our constituents have a full opportunity to exercise their rights that so many have fought to secure,” concluded the Brooklyn lawmaker.