Senator Kevin Parker Congratulates President Obama on Winning Nobel Peace Prize

Kevin S. Parker

October 09, 2009


Brooklyn, NY- State Senator Kevin Parker praised the awarding of the prestigious 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack Obama, saying the President’s winning “is extremely exciting and inspiring for all Americans.”

“Today I join the rest of the world in congratulating President Barack Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize,” said Senator Parker. “ President Obama has demonstrated the willingness to use his leadership to forge a more peaceful world. In that pursuit, he has emphasized the need for inclusivity and political engagement.”

On Friday, the Nobel Committee announced that United States President Barack Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize for his extraordinary efforts in strengthening international diplomacy and for taking landmark initiatives to create a nuclear-free world.  The President, who only in his ninth month in office, had beaten 204 other nominees for the prestigious award, which includes a gold medal, a Nobel diploma and 1.4 million dollars. In the 109 years the prize has been awarded, Barack Obama’s selection marks the third time a sitting United States president has won the award. The last sitting U.S. presidents to win the award were former Presidents Woodrow Wilson in 1919 and Theodore Roosevelt in 1906.

State Senator Parker has been the highest ranking elected official in New York State to have endorsed Barack Obama even before he became the presumptive Presidential Democratic nominee. Sen. Parker maintains his support of and belief that President Obama continues to be the leading advocate on the forefront of issues that are important to the people in America.