Senator Kevin Parker Holds ‘Going Green, Let’s Conserve’ Day!

Kevin S. Parker

August 05, 2013

(Brooklyn, NY)  Today, Senator Kevin Parker held ‘Going Green, Let’s Conserve’ Day on Friday at his district office. Event partners such as Con Edison, National Grid and NYSERDA provided free energy efficient lightbulbs and tips on saving energy and reducing electric bills.

“The goal of my summer event series is to provide our community with convenient free services that will help our neighborhood grow stronger in every way,” Senator Parker said. “’Going Green, Let’s Conserve’ Day is also about showing Central Brooklyn residents what we can do at home to protect the environment and lower our greenhouse gas footprint.”

The event included presentations and workshops including:

  • ConEd – Energy Saving Program
  • New York City Department of Sanitation – Composting and Recycling Demonstrations
  • New York Power Authority – Going Green
  • NYSERDA – Residential Benefits of Green Technologies and SpinGreen Clothing Recycling


“Today’s event offered great resources to the people in our community. Every single person can make a difference by going green, and together our collective action just can save the planet,” continued the Senator. “The people who attended here today learned several ways to reduce their energy use and adopt greener alternatives from recycling and reducing waste, to lowering their energy bills, and reusing clothing and other goods, Brooklyn just took another step toward a cleaner, greener future.”