Senator Kevin Parker moves to save New York City Drinking Water

Kevin S. Parker

August 11, 2010


New, York, New York Senator Parker joined advocates and public officials to urge his colleagues in government to block gas exploration in upstate New York.


“I ask the Assembly not to be penny wise and pound foolish to take up this course of action and allowing Hydraulic fracturing in New York State without proper study and preparation for the potential effects on the communities where Hydraulic fracturing takes place. We need a better understanding to make sure our drinking water is protected, “said the four term Brooklyn  term lawmaker.


Hydraulic fracturing is the process  energy companies would use to release gas reserves in upstate New York. In order to do this they would have to drill through the rock formation at Marcellus Shale, a process which would release toxic chemicals into millions of gallons of the New York City water supply.


Sen Parker concluded by saying “We cannot progress blindly into this new frontier, rather we must move forward with eyes wide open to both the benefits and consequences this technology can provide to the people of New York. Not only is this course of action necessary, it is common sense.”


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