Senator Kevin Parker Posts Back His Census Form

Kevin S. Parker

April 07, 2010

 Making sure the 21st District Gets Counted
 (BROOKLYN, NY)-.Yesterday Senator Parker was joined by 11 year old Mahogany Burns and  over 30 Community Leaders to mail back his Census Form  at Vanderveer Post Office at  2319 Nostrand Avenue.
“I am so excited about returning my census form” said 11 year old Mahogany ‘well I am proud to be with the youngest member of the Central Brooklyn Counts” Complete Count Taskforce” replied Senator Parker. The Brooklyn Lawmaker went onto explain the importance of Caribbean Americans self identifying and reassured undocumented populations they did not put themselves at  risk of deportation by returning their forms.
Senator Parker went on “The federal government provides over $30,000 in resources for each person counted in the Census.”He explained how Federal, state and local governments base their funding decisions on Census data and this determines how much money will be available for schools and a health clinic and essential services.
“Filling in your census form is one of the ways we exercise our democratic rights” said Esmeralda Simmons Executive director of the Center for Law and Social Justice
Of Megar Evers College. Thousands of our people in Central Brooklyn Kings County were not counted in 2000.  In fact, not even half the households in some of our neighborhoods mailed back their census form.  “That meant our voices where not heard at the City, State or Federal Level” continued Ms. Simmons.
Irwine Clare from The U.S. Census Bureau  finished by saying “It doesn’t matter if you have someone living with you that the landlord doesn’t know about, if you have unpaid parking tickets, or if someone living in your home is not a citizen. We all deserve Government Funds”
Make sure our community gets its fair share.  Make sure your tax dollars go to work right here in our community.  Let your neighbors know returning the Census form is easy, safe and important for our future. If you have any questions about the census, or need help with the questionnaire, please contact Vaughn Mayers, Census Coordinator at Senator Kevin Parker’s district office at 718- 629-6401.