Senator Parker and the Senate Democratic Majority Pass Voting Reforms

Kevin S. Parker

January 09, 2020

(Brooklyn, New York) - Today, State Senator Kevin Parker and the Senate Democratic Majority built upon last year’s historic legislative session by passing a package of voting reforms aimed at improving voter’s access to the ballot box. 

Senator Parkers Parker’s legislation, Senate Bill S.4378, is included in the voting reform package as it will prohibit election districts from being split on and off a college or university campus. Once passed, the law would also require that the poll sites for election districts serving the academic institution be located on the college campus.

Senator Parker stated, “It is our duty as elected officials to ensure that all New Yorkers have the unencumbered opportunity to exercise their right to vote. My legislation builds upon the reforms we achieved last session by now ensuring that there are designated polling places on college campuses with a population of 300 or more eligible registered voters. With Census 2020  upon us and the subsequent redrawing of New York’s electoral map, this bill will also make certain that college campuses are not split up into different election districts.” Senator Parker concluded, “The legislation package passed today builds upon the progress of the Senate Democratic Majority to reform our electoral system and restore the public’s trust in our government.”