Senator Parker’s Legislation to Empower Victims of Domestic Violence Signed Into Law

Albany, NY (8/29/19) - Today, New York State Senator Kevin Parker’s legislation requiring companies to allow victims and survivors of domestic violence to cancel contracts when there is an incidence of domestic abuse, was signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo. The new law, Senate Bill S 2356, will ensure that victims and survivors of domestic violence are not punished further by incurring financial obligations or negative credit history reporting when cancelling a contract or subscription. 

Unfortunately, when dealing with the horrors of domestic abuse, many survivors have to restructure their lives as they remove the abuser and chart a new course. Everything from unbundling a family cell phone plan to finding a safe place to live is a challenge for domestic violence victims and survivors.  Senator Parker’s law seeks to provide relief to survivors who already have the daunting task of rebuilding their lives after such an unconscionable and traumatic experience at the hand of someone who purported to love and care for them.  

"One of the greater callings of public service is to rise up for our most vulnerable groups and communities,” stated Senator Parker.  “I believe that victims and survivors of domestic violence fit this class of people, and we must do everything in our power to protect and make them feel safe. After experiencing the trauma of a person you love and hold dearly suddenly one day deciding to abuse you physically, you should not have to fight with a cable company or a cell phone provider to terminate a contract once you can show that the circumstances are dire, as in a case of domestic abuse.” Senator Parker concluded,” I thank the Senate Democratic Majority and my colleagues in the Assembly for supporting my legislation to empower the victims and survivors of domestic abuse.”

Upon signing the new law into effect, Governor Cuomo shared, “Survivors of domestic violence should not have to handle the added stress and red tape that comes with contract termination penalties. When leaving an abusive environment, a clean break is critical and in New York we will give survivors the resources they need to move onto the next chapter of their lives."