Senator Parker's Statement Advocating For Speed Cameras in NYC School Zones

When I started by career as a State Senator, it was important to me that I took a solution based approach in every situation. I wanted to create and support legislation that combatted issues that disrupted the quality of life not just for the constituents in my district, but also for those across our great state.

Hence why I am truly disappointed that after today, school zone speed cameras at our public schools will no longer be operational. This legislative session, the Senate Democrats all voted in favor to maintain the cameras, but even after information was released that there has been both a 63% and 15% decrease in speeding and crashes in school zones, respectively, the Senate Republican Conference still refused to extend the speed camera legislation.


It was my hope that Senator Flanagan and the Republican Conference reconsider their stance and reconvene immediately for a special session to fix this wrong. School safety cameras not only make drivers more cautious, but it brings a sense of comfort and safety to parents and school staff.

I will continue to advocate bringing the speed cameras back while expanding their use across the five boroughs. I encourage motorists to continue to drive safely and to take extra precautions when driving near schools because we as a community need to ensure we are doing our part to keep school zones and our streets in general, safe. With or without school zone speed cameras.