State Senator Kevin Parker Is Leading The Charge On Police Reform In New York State

(Albany, New York) – The gruesome reality of police brutality has plagued the African-American community for generations, nationally. Over the years State Senator Kevin Parker has pushed for various legislation aimed to help eliminate police brutality within the African-American community across New York State.

State Senator Kevin Parker had the following to say about his legislative priorities  “Watching the video of George Floyd’s death was completely heartbreaking. As an African-American lawmaker it is imperative now more than ever for me to stand up for what’s right and do my job, which is to advance legislation.  Since this gruesome video has gone public I have renewed the call action for my colleagues to support and  pass legislation that will create solutions, and  long term  put an end to police brutality.

  • In 2008, State Senator Kevin Parker introduced legislation to amend the Civil Rights Law (CRL) 50-A which would allow for law enforcement disciplinary records to be accessed by FOIL, while keeping the same restrictions on their usage once obtained.  (S.4213 -2020)
  • While in 2011, in an effort to combat fraud and abuse by state and local law enforcement, he introduced a bill that would establish the Independent State Inspector General for Law enforcement. The creation of this office would ensure transparency and accountability for New York law enforcement. (S.3595 - 2020) 
  • After the death of Kimani Gray in 2013, State Senator Kevin Parker, led the charge by pushing his legislation calling for a special prosecutor for cases when officers commit crimes. (S.4550 - 2020)
  • Most recently in both 2018 and 2019,  a series of events prompted him to put forth a package of legislation around; the misuse of calling 911 (S1411A-2020)The requirement of State Police officers to wear body cameras; (S6686 -2020)
  • A bill to condemn and criminalize use of force by police officers (S.6664-2020)


Senator Parker continued to say, “As we work to address the issues of police brutality it is a multi-prong approach. Parts of my legislation has been introduced as early as 2009. It is my hope that the recent national events will have my colleagues  more inclined to support and see this legislation passed. We have a duty to protect our constituents and the African-American community needs us more than ever right now” concluded State Senator Kevin Parker.

State Senator Kevin Parker is additionally working to push legislation making it illegal for police officers to place their knee on the neck of anyone while in their custody.