State Senator Kevin Parker Leads The Senate Majority In Passing Police Reform Legislation

Kevin S. Parker

June 08, 2020

(Albany, New York) –Today, State Senator Kevin Parker and the Senate Majority passed monumental legislation to address police reform. For years communities of color have been victims of poor policing policies which has created a division between inner community  residents  and police officers. The recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery and countless others has put pressure on lawmakers to be proactive about creating solutions. 

Today, Senator Parker passed the following legislation: 

  • Senate Bill S.3253B: This legislation, sponsored by Senator Kevin Parker, will clarify that a person not under arrest or in custody has the right to record police activity and to maintain custody and control of that recording, and of any property or instruments used to record police activities.

  • Senate Bill S.8492: This legislation, sponsored by Senator Kevin Parker, establishes a private right of action for a member of a protected class when another person summons a police or peace officer on them without reason to suspect a crime or an imminent threat to person or property existed.


Senator Kevin Parker said,  “Sunlight is the best disinfectant! The right to record act will ensure protection for people who record misconduct by police. The senseless murder of George Floyd is a stark example of why transparency is needed.

“Social media is rampant with videos of people weaponizing the 911 emergency system against African-Americans hoping to see them falsely arrested or worst. This legislation is by no means a solution to the systematic injustices and prejudices that fuel these types of calls to the police. However, this law gives victims of this despicable behavior the beginnings of some recourse.”