State Senator Kevin Parker's Speaks On Deportation Of Haitian Refugees

Kevin S. Parker

September 21, 2021

The humanitarian crisis taking place at the borders in Del Rio Texas is nothing short of unconscionable. Human lives are at 

stake and as such this is no time to play politics using the desperate souls of thousands of Haitians as the football. I am tired and frustrated of political pundits who talk about migrants coming to America for a better life.  With the dire situation in their homeland which presents choices such as being homeless, hungry, raped, tortured or murdered they are looking for a life. If we are to live up to the ideals on which this country was built, we then must do a better job in saving lives rather than fueling desperation. Politics aside, in this situation, there is clearly no room for who is conservative, liberal or progressive—the only factor that counts is the human one.