Senator Thomas Bill Takes on Telemarketers

(Garden City, NY) – They are the most annoying and frustrating calls—telemarketers trying to sell you something. The calls come in early morning, late nights and weekends. Those doing the soliciting are getting savvy, contacting more people on their cell phones.

One way that Senator Kevin Thomas wants to halt the disruption is with a bill (S4020) prohibiting the invasive sales calls during a state of emergency or disaster emergency.

“It’s bad enough to get these calls at all hours, but when people attempt to cash in on a catastrophic event, it is a warranted bother. Our full attention needs to be dealing with the urgency and recovery aftermath, not a telemarketer.”

Calls to any person residing in a county, city, town or village under a declared state of emergency or disaster would be forbidden. 

“My hope is this legislation will stem the tide of this rude invasion of privacy,” Senator Thomas added.

The bill advanced to the Consumer Protection Committee, which Senator Thomas chairs. A companion bill is in the Assembly. It would take effect immediately upon Governor Cuomo signing it into law.