$2M In Grants Fund Key Initiatives In Shirley-Mastic-Mastic Beach

Lee M. Zeldin

March 02, 2013

State Senator Lee M. Zeldin (R-C-I, Shirley) hosted a meeting today of the Tri-Hamlet Renaissance Project. The gathering at William Floyd High School discussed progress on the Project's proposals, including $2 million in grants to fund key initiatives in Shirley, Mastic and Mastic Beach.

The Tri-Hamlet Renaissance Project released its initial report on April 29, 2012, following several months of community meetings and proposal development. Since then, elected officials and community leaders have been working together to implement the Project's proposals.

The $2 million announced today will be used for the following Tri-Hamlet Renaissance projects:

$1.3 million for a new sewer treatment plant at the Calabro Airport in Shirley;

$50,000 for “attraction” signs and two dozen “trailblazing” signs for local attractions in the Tri-Hamlet community;

$50,000 for capital improvements at Bayview Park in Mastic Beach;

$50,000 for capital improvements at Legion Fields in Mastic Beach,

$50,000 for capital improvements at Airport Field in Shirley;

$500,000 for the planning and development of a Nitrex Nitrogen Removal System for Neighborhood Road in the Village of Mastic Beach.

At today's meeting, Senator Zeldin also presented Project participants with legislative resolutions, which were passed by the New York State Legislature.

The Tri-Hamlet Renaissance Project has been focused on the mission to enhance the Tri-Hamlet area. Six workgroups continue to focus on the areas ofInfrastructure, Economic Development, Real Estate, Quality of Life, Public Safety and Marketing. 

“The Tri-Hamlet community can and will improve with the dedicated work of the members of the Tri-Hamlet Renaissance Project and the residents of Shirley, Mastic and Mastic Beach,” said Senator Zeldin. “This funding will go a long way toward making necessary improvements and developing these local projects. I would like to thank Supervisor Ed Romaine and Deputy Supervisor/Councilman Dan Panico for their coordinated help to secure this funding from New York State. I commend all of the Renaissance Project members, volunteers and elected officials who continue to give their time, talent and energy to this effort.”

Brookhaven Town Supervisor, Ed Romaine, said, “We are extremely lucky to have a State Senator such as Lee Zeldin who was able to reprogram this critical funding for the Town of Brookhaven.  This grant will accomplish many of our immediate priorities and improve the quality of life for our residents in the Tri-Hamlet area.  The new sewer treatment plant at the Calabro Airport in Shirley is an especially important project.  The development of a Nitrex Nitrogen Removal System for Neighborhood Road in the Village of Mastic Beach is also essential, as are the capital improvements in Shirley and Mastic Beach and the signage throughout the Tri-Hamlet.  I am extremely supportive of Senator Zeldin’s efforts and want to thank him for all his hard work on the Town’s behalf.”


"Senator Lee Zeldin and I grew up in the same community and share a personal connection to the area and the residents," commented Brookhaven Town Deputy Supervisor/Councilman Dan Panico.  "This grant, and the individual projects which it will fund, will go a long way toward improving the quality of life and environment for everyone in the area.  I thank Senator Zeldin on behalf of our mutual constituents and am proud to call him my friend."