It’s a New Day for New York

Lee M. Zeldin

January 21, 2011

During my campaign, I spoke often of what I would do if I was given the chance to represent us in Albany.   Now that I am in office, I have a moral obligation to live up to campaign rhetoric.  I believe that my legislative record needs to demonstrate that I remain true to the themes of my campaign: cut taxes, cut spending and create jobs. 


This week, in Albany, I took the first concrete steps towards making these commitments a reality.  On Wednesday, January 19th, I passed my first piece of legislation in the Senate. That proposal, Senate Bill 1919, calls for a state Constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds “super majority” vote in both the Senate and the Assembly in order to increase any state taxes or fees. 


Taxes are the most important issue plaguing the Third Senate District, Long Island and New York State.  In the past two years, the New York State Legislature has increased taxes and fees by $14 billion.  Raising taxes should be a last resort, not a first option.  My amendment will ensure that state taxes and fees can’t be raised without broad-based, bipartisan support.  My constitutional amendment gives you, the taxpayer, more say in your government, because requiring a two-thirds “supermajority” means that more of the representatives you elect have to agree a tax is absolutely necessary. 


I believe this legislation sets the tone for what we have to do this Session in Albany.  We need to restore faith with New Yorkers that our government is accountable and fiscally responsible.  Some politicians don’t like my bill, because it limits their ability to freely tax and spend.


As your new Senator, I need you to partner with me to stand up to the establishment in Albany and let them know that we have had enough.  There are a few steps that still need to happen to make this bill a law, including a statewide public vote, and hopefully you will join me in the fight to help keep the pressure on Albany.


I invite all of you to give me your feedback on this important legislation.  My district office is located at the State Office Building in Hauppauge, our phone number is 360-3356, and my email is