Senator Zeldin Announces Passage of His First Piece of Legislation To Protect the Taxpayers

Lee M. Zeldin

January 19, 2011

 “It’s a new day for New York”

 Albany, NY- State Senator Lee M. Zeldin (R, C, I- Shirley) today announced the passage of his first piece of legislation in the New York State Senate, a state Constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds “super majority” vote in both the Senate and the Assembly to increase any state taxes or fees. 


“This legislation sets the tone for what we have to do this Session in Albany.  New Yorkers have spoken and the message is loud and clear: reduce taxes, reduce spending, create jobs, and reform government,” said Senator Zeldin.


Currently 16 other states already have supermajority requirements for tax increases, with the oldest being in effect since 1934.  In the New York State Senate, a two thirds majority would require 41 votes of the 62 members.  In the Assembly it would require 100 out of 150 members.  Senator Zeldin’s legislation, (Senate bill 1919),  is one component  of  a three-part plan that passed the Senate today, called the “Job Creation and Taxpayer Protection Act of 2011,” intended to promote New York’s economic recovery.



“ I am proud that this is the first bill I have introduced. It is very important to me that my legislative record demonstrates that I remain true to the themes of my campaign: cut taxes, cut spending and create jobs.  We need to speak for the taxpayers, the hardworking men and women who provide the money to fund all these services,” concluded Senator Zeldin.  “I made commitments to my constituents to stand up for them in Albany and I am determined to keep those commitments.”


This legislation now goes to the Assembly for passage this year and then both the Senate and Assembly have to again pass it  in 2012, before it could be put on the ballot for approval by the voters in the November 2013 general election.  If approved, it would take effect for the 2014-15 fiscal year of New York State.