Shirley, Mastic & Mastic Beach “Tri-Hamlet” Elected Officials and Community Residents Unveil Tri-Hamlet Renaissance Project and Report

“Unprecedented Unified Effort Could Change Community Forever” ~ Senator Lee Zeldin

Mastic Beach, NY- State Senator Lee M. Zeldin (R, C, I- Shirley), Assemblyman Fred Thiele, Jr. (I- Sag Harbor), Assemblyman Dean Murray (R, C- East Patchogue), County Legislator Kate Browning (WFP, D- Shirley), Brookhaven Town Councilman Dan Panico (R, C, I- Manorville) and Mastic Beach Village Mayor Bill Biondi were all on hand today at the William Floyd High School Library to announce the Tri-Hamlet Renaissance Project and unveil a 33 page collaborative report detailing proposed projects that community leaders, including local elected officials from every layer of government, have agreed to work together towards achieving.

The Tri-Hamlet Renaissance Project has been a joint effort between community residents and elected officials to enhance the quality of life in the Tri-Hamlet area for generations to come. Following initial meetings in the summer of 2011 between elected officials and community leaders, six workgroups were formed covering areas of: Infrastructure, Economic Development, Real Estate, Quality of Life, Public Safety and Marketing. In addition to the elected officials listed above, Congressman Timothy Bishop (D-Southampton) and State Senator Kenneth P. Lavalle (R, C, I- Port Jefferson) also actively contributed to this effort.

Each workgroup reached out to members of the community and developed proposals to address various local challenges. After an extensive public comment period, the report is being published today.

“Our community’s best days are ahead of us,” said Senator Zeldin. “I would like to thank all of the elected officials and volunteers who participated in this collaborative process. The unprecedented level of participation can elevate our community to new plateaus of success. I also want to personally recognize Bill Doyle from my staff, who has been spearheading this project for me since the first day we started this endeavor.”

“The nexus between infrastructure investment and economic development is clear and should be encouraged at all levels of government. Our roadways, rail and transit facilities, water infrastructure and coastal resources are fundamental to the long-term economic viability of our communities and small businesses. As a member of the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee in the House of Representatives, I support efforts to increase funding for infrastructure improvements and I will continue to advocate for additional investments in the Tri-Hamlet area. During my tenure in Congress I have worked hard to address the needs of the Tri-Hamlet area with projects including the Forge River, Mastic roadway improvements and an evacuation study of the William Floyd Peninsula. I look forward to continuing to work with my fellow elected officials and members of the community to create the quality of life that we all deserve,” said Congressman Bishop.

“The Tri-Hamlet Renaissance Project is proof of what can be accomplished when communities work together. Lasting community change means improving lives by identifying the root cause of problems and then working together to create solutions. The future is bright for the Tri-Hamlet region,” said Senator LaValle.

“The Tri-Hamlet Renaissance Project is, in essence, a blueprint for the future of the Tri-Hamlet area. A blueprint for enhancing and improving the assets that already exist. The projects and initiatives included in this plan are ones which are sound and have been vetted at length by various work groups and stakeholders. The overwhelming support and involvement from the community in this initiative is a testament to Senator Zeldin's dedication and understanding of the community's needs. I must commend Senator Zeldin for spearheading this grassroots effort and look forward to seeing these projects through to implementation,” said Assemblyman Thiele.

“With a rich history behind us and a strong sense of community today, the Tri-Hamlet area holds a bright future for all those who live there. Thanks to the efforts of the many residents and stakeholders who joined Senator Zeldin in the Tri-Hamlet Renaissance Project, we have a blueprint to overcome the challenges we face today, and improve the quality of life here. By working together, we can ensure a bright future for our children, and generations to come,” said Assemblyman Murray.

“The Tri-Hamlet community is located on the beautiful South Shore and is made up of a diverse population of working class citizens. The potential for our area is endless, but we face many challenges that must be overcome in order to realize this potential. It is going to take all levels of government working together in a bi-partisan fashion to meet these lofty goals. Whether it be the improvement of our quality of life, enhanced public safety, economic development or simply a better perception for our communities, the Tri-Hamlet Project is a step in the right direction and has brought all stakeholders to the table. I look forward to seeing our ambitious plan come to fruition and am committed to working with my colleagues and constituents to see that it does,” said Legislator Browning.

“Some of the most important issues affecting our communities deal directly with the resident's quality of life. These issues include but are not limited to the maintenance of our roads and parks but also, the maintenance of individual properties in our neighborhoods. For far too long absentee landlords have been allowed to maintain properties well below acceptable community standards. The hallmark of our efforts in combating suburban slumlords is to include the input of concerned residents to gather tips and information in our investigations. We also work cooperatively with every level of government to assist in investigating possible fraud and abuse of taxpayer funded subsidies,” said Councilman Panico.

“The Village of Mastic Beach is on the Mastic Peninsula extending into Moriches Bay. Our village is an extraordinary community with amazing waterfront views of great beauty, historical sites, and wonderful people. The Village Trustees and myself looks forwards to working with our fellow elected officials and our neighboring communities towards the enhancement of the Mastic Peninsula,” said Mayor Biondi.

“These ideas are practical and attainable solutions to the critical challenges facing our community. Only the cooperative action from the community’s public officials and other leaders will ensure success. I look forward to continuing our work together for the community we call home,” concluded Senator Zeldin.

To view a copy of the report, please click here.