Statement From Senator Lee M. Zeldin RE: Property Tax Cap

Lee M. Zeldin

June 24, 2011

"Tonight I am very proud to have voted to enact a strong property tax cap that will limit the growth of school and local government property taxes at two percent or the Consumer Price Index (CPI), whichever is less.  The number one issue in the Third Senate District is property taxes.  We need property tax relief in the 3rd Senate District and this legislation is an important next step towards controlling our increasing property tax costs.  

As I have repeatedly said, we need to find a more cost effective way to deliver a quality education for our school children. 

Unfunded state mandates are one of the main sources of school district and local government spending increases. Aside from repealing $127 million worth of individual mandates, this legislation also establishes  a Mandate Relief Council which will hear appeals from schools and localities regarding state mandates or regulations they feel are onerous, costly and unnecessary. The Council will have the power to rescind such mandates after a hearing process. The Council will also have the ability to review and recommend changes for the Legislature, such as repealing mandates or making changes to them. 

This tax cap and mandate relief legislation will be a powerful tool in controlling the explosive growth in property taxes. This historic reform is the most important step this year in restoring New York’s prosperity."