Zeldin Responds to MTA PR Machine's Early Threats Against Payroll Tax Repeal Bill

Lee M. Zeldin

June 06, 2011

State Senator Lee M. Zeldin (R-C-I Shirley) today issued the following statement criticizing the MTA for mistakenly threatening fare increases and service cuts as the only option to save money in manner that wouldn't be "very painful"(cited in today’s Suffolk Times article):

“The MTA has wasted no time in threatening fare increases and service reduction as a knee jerk reaction to this bill. The argument is completely without merit. Either the MTA needs a lesson in economics, is painfully addicted to the taxpayer funded bailout spigot, naiive of the intelligence of the average, everyday New Yorker, or some combination of all three. The tax savings/ MTA fiscal impact for 2011 is $0, 2012- $234.4 million, 2013- $479.1 million, 2014- $767.4 million. I have already outlined at least a dozen potential ways for the MTA to cut expenses to balance its books after this legislation is implemented. These potential cost cutting options are just a few suggestions of many that would save the MTA more than enough to avoid fare increases and service reductions. Scaring the public with false threats is an irresponsible way for the MTA to duck out of its responsibility to do a better job managing its finances. In a time when governments, businesses, families and others are doing everything in their power to balance budgets, the MTA needs to follow suit and start doing more with less as it is absolutely capable of if it was serious about reform.”

A copy of Zeldin's bill and bill memo can be found here: