Legislative Wrap-Up: Week of April 19th: Senate Majority Passes Earth Day 2010 Agenda And More

Legislation passed by the New York State Senate Democratic Majority this week included a bill package demonstrating their commitment to environmental conservation and “green” job creation, as well as establishing a commission to study the health care services of children in foster care.

‘Earth Day 2010 Agenda’

S3593B (Krueger): Provides for the recycling of rechargeable batteries and prohibits disposal as solid waste, includes definitions and civil sanctions. The purpose of this legislation is to require New York State residents to recycle rechargeable batteries instead of disposing of them as solid waste. This law requires rechargeable battery manufacturers to work in partnership with New York retailers to set up a free, easily accessible recycling network for residents.
S6141B (Squadron) / A9132B (Kavanagh): Requires automobile dealers display a fuel economy label on all new vehicles. The purpose of this legislation is to require posting of a "Gallons-per-Mile (GPM) Fuel Savings Guide" sign at dealerships selling or leasing new vehicles. By implementing the use of a Gallons Per Mile Fuel Savings Guide in auto dealerships  consumers will be better informed and encouraged to purchase more fuel efficient vehicles. Such vehicles can help save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy security and oil dependence, and increase energy sustainability.
S6047A (Thompson): Relates to establishing the recycling, reuse and safe handling of electronic equipment sold in the state of New York. E-waste currently represents the fastest growing category of waste in the municipal solid waste stream. The purpose of this bill is to establish a State-wide electronic equipment reuse and recycling program to counter this issue before it too late.
S4983C (Foley) / A7937C (Englebright): Prohibits the use of certain toxic chemicals for lawn and grounds maintenance at schools and day care centers. The purpose of this bill is to minimize the harmful effects of pesticides on children by limiting the use of aesthetic pesticides in sensitive areas such as schools and day cares and developing pesticide alternatives.
S5119 (Stewart-Cousins) / A8577 (Latimer): Prohibits the state from purchasing paper products that are non-recyclable. This bill will reduce the State's waste by prohibiting the purchase and use of non-recyclable paper/mailing products, including but not limited to goldenrod/kraft stationery and paper products.
S3296G (Thompson) / A9867A (Englebright): Enacts the "bisphenol A-free children and babies act", prohibiting the manufacture, distribution and sale of child care products containing bisphenol A; and also prohibits the manufacture, distribution and sale of beverage and food containers containing bisphenol A. Studies have found that BPA is linked to common ailments including heart disease, immune system disruption, brain deterioration, type-2 diabetes, cancer and obesity. The effects of BPA have long been disputed, but this legislation finally takes the step of eliminating its use.
S3788C (Libous) / A199C (Brodsky): Relates to cancer incidence and an environmental facility maps project. This legislation requires the collection of information on the locations of environmental facilities and cases of cancer throughout the state.
Improving Foster Care Health Services
S5924 (Parker) / A5497 (Titus): Commissions a study regarding the quality of health care services received by foster children in New York state and requires a report to be submitted by the commissioner of the office of children and family services detailing the findings of the study. The purpose of this legislation is to commission a study to gather information from State agencies, foster care agencies, local districts and advocates to better understand how the Per-Diem, Fee-for Service and Managed Care financing constructs affect the health outcomes of children in foster care.

Other Legislation

S3368 (Kruger): Requires fire chiefs to annually report fire department resource inventory, personnel information and specialized capabilities. This proposal would enable the office of fire prevention and control to establish a fire department resource inventory system by using local resource information obtained annually from all fire chiefs statewide.
S6840A (Parker) / A10166 (Brodsky): Establishes the veterans' cremains act, allowing funeral directors to grant qualified veterans' organizations the right to receive the cremains of a veteran which has not been claimed by a relative or friend of the deceased within one year after cremation. The purpose of this legislation is to ensure the cremains (the remains of a cremated body) of veterans are properly and respectfully disposed of if not claimed, allowing for proper acknowledgement of those who have served our nation.
S5110 (Breslin) / A9471 (Morelle): Authorizes municipal reciprocal insurers to offer full faith and credit surety bonds for public officers. One of the fundamental insurance coverages that all municipalities need is full faith and credit bonds for their public officers. This legislation allows New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal (NYMIR) to offer full faith and credit surety Bonds.
S3681 (Sampson) / A6786 (Weinstein): Relates to court approval of transfers of structured settlements; requires an order to show cause and attendance of the payee. This legislation adds the requirement that the action for approval of a transfer of structured settlements be initiated only by order to show cause. This addition would aid in assigning the action, particularly in counties where one judge handles all such applications.
S5825A (Savino) / A9011 (Abbate): Relates to unlawful acts in respect to examinations. The purpose of the bill is to add provisions to the Civil Service Law ("CSL") that would prohibit the manipulation of civil service examinations and establish a civil penalty for violations. The bill would expand the current list of specified prohibited conduct with respect to examinations and would also provide for the imposition of a civil penalty for misconduct relating to the testing process to provide an alternative to criminal prosecution
S2405 (Volker): Relates to a sentence of parole. The purpose of this legislation is to amend the Drug Law Reform Act (DLRA) of 2004 to clarify "sentence of parole supervision" and in accordance with express language of the Penal Law. It will clarify that a determinant sentence of imprisonment imposed upon an “eligible defendant” may, where the court so directs, be executed as a sentence of parole supervision.