Krueger, Harckham, Parker Announce Hearing On Climate Action Council's Final Scoping Plan

January 19th Hearing Will Focus On Legislative And Budgetary Actions Needed To Implement The Scoping Plan And CLCPA

Albany – The Senate Committees on Finance, Environmental Conservation, and Energy and Telecommunications, chaired by Senators Liz Krueger, Pete Harckham, and Kevin Parker, announced today that they will be holding a hearing on January 19th to examine the legislative and budgetary actions necessary to implement the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act and the Climate Action Council Final Scoping Plan

"This is the year when the rubber meets the road on climate action in New York State," said Senator Krueger. "We must act quickly, through the budget and through the regular legislative process, to begin to implement the recommendations of the Final Scoping Plan. Not only do we need to move quickly, but we also have to get it right, and that is why we are reaching out to all stakeholders in a process that will continue through the budget hearings. The climate emergency is here, and what we do in Albany this year will have a lasting impact on New Yorkers today and well into the future."

“It imperative that we hear from stakeholders as soon as possible regarding the Climate Action Council’s Final Scoping Plan as we begin the new budgetary and legislative season," said Senator Harckham. "The decisions we make in the next six months to mitigate climate change need to be comprehensive and enduring to safeguard the environment for future generations across the state.”

Pursuant to the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) passed in 2019, in December the New York State Climate Action Council released their Final Scoping Plan. The Scoping Plan serves as the framework for how the State will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net-zero emissions, increase renewable energy usage, and ensure climate justice, in line with the mandates of the CLCPA. The Plan affects all sectors of the State’s economy and society, and as such will have significant budgetary and legislative implications.

The hearing will be held in Hearing Room A of the Legislative Office Building in Albany on Thursday, January 19th, beginning at 10am. In-person testimony is by invitation only, however any person or entity is encouraged to submit written testimony. Written testimony must be submitted no later than 5 p.m. on the day of the hearing to