Senate GOP Refuses to Allow a Vote on Resolution Marking Anniversary of Roe V. Wade

Liz Krueger

January 24, 2006

Senate Republicans today refused to allow a resolution marking the thirty-third anniversary of Roe v. Wade to come to the floor for a vote.


            The resolution, sponsored by Senators Liz Krueger and Eric Schneiderman, noted the importance of the Supreme Court decision that has saved countless women from dangerous, illegal abortions.


Senate Democratic Leader David A. Paterson said “The State Legislature will be the last line of defense for women’s rights if the Supreme Court under President Bush abandons the principle that women have an inherent and Constitutional right to determine their own health care choices.” He said Senate Republicans must “recognize that Roe v. Wade wisely determined that women’s health care decisions should be made by women and their doctors, not by politicians.”


Senator Liz Krueger said “New York was once a trailblazer on reproductive rights, having passed legislation to decriminalize abortion prior to the Roe decision. The Senate Republicans showed their true colors today displaying their devotion to the agenda of the radical right-wing by refusing to allow a vote on this resolution.  Unfortunately, Senate Republicans have once again placed politics before the needs of the people of New York.”         


Deputy Senate Democratic Leader Eric Schneiderman said "In refusing to allow a vote on today's resolution commemorating the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Senate Majority is showing that George W. Bush's anti-choice, anti-science agenda is alive and well in Albany."


            The resolution notes that prior to the Roe decision, between 200,000 and 1.2 million illegally induced abortions occurred in the United States each year, and that complications from illegal abortions accounted for 23 percent of all pregnancy-related admissions to municipal hospitals in New York City.


“The State Senate’s Democratic Conference will continue to support women’s right to choose,” Paterson said, “just as we will continue to fight the Governor and the Senate Majority to ensure that women in New York have access to safe and effective emergency contraception.”