State Senator Liz Krueger Calls on Senate Majority to Bring Stem Cell Research Bill to Floor

Liz Krueger

March 22, 2006

Albany, NY – More than 128 million Americans suffer from chronic and degenerative ailments such as diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.  Because the promise of stem cell research has offered hope to many suffering from these persistent and difficult diseases, State Senator Liz Krueger (D-Manhattan) has introduced the Reproductive Cloning Prohibition and Stem Cell Research Protection Act to encourage stem cell research in New York State.  Yesterday Senator Krueger called on the Republican Majority to bring the bill to the floor of the Senate for a full vote.


"New York State has historically been a haven for open scientific inquiry and technological innovation, and has become a world leader in biomedicine and biotechnology thanks to public support and private investment," Senator Krueger said.  "In spite of New York’s reputation as a world-class epicenter for medical innovation, states such as California threaten to leave New York behind in the race toward new technologies involving stem cell research."


"We must take action now to fulfill the promise of stem cell research,” Senator Krueger said.  "When our neighbors, friends, and family members with debilitating diseases look to us for assistance, we must be able to say that we have done everything possible to help them.”


One important way in which New York State can encourage stem cell research is by creating an ethical policy framework to guide the development of stem cell research programs.  Senator Krueger’s bill would address moral issues by banning reproductive human cloning, and protect stem cell research by creating a mechanism for the transfer of unused genetic material to scientific institutions, requiring the clear and informed consent of donors.


Senator Krueger’s motion to bring the bill to the floor failed when Senate Republicans unanimously withheld their support.