State Senator Liz Krueger Given a 100% Rating by the Drum Major Institute for Advocacy on Behalf of New York's Middle Class

Liz Krueger

March 16, 2006

New York, NY – State Senator Liz Krueger (D-Manhattan) received a perfect score from the Drum Major Institute (DMI) yesterday in a survey titled, "Fighting for New York's Middle Class: 2001-2005 NY State Legislative Scorecard." The report graded individual legislators on their voting record for bills with the potential to impact the state’s middle class.


Votes examined for the scorecard included everything from an education opportunity program and an estate tax exemption to predatory mortgage lending and subsidized daycare. Each legislator's votes were compared to the middle class position and a percentage score was tabulated which was then translated into an easily understood letter grade.


Senator Krueger was one of only four Senators to receive a 100% "A" grade.


Krueger also highlighted DMI's creative usage of internet marketing. They have purchased  Google ads, such that anytime a NY State Legislator's name is "hit" in this popular search engine, an ad pops up stating the legislator's grade on these issues and directing people to this report.  "DMI has creatively demonstrated a new way to connect the public to what happens in our State Capital and how we, their legislators are voting on important bills." remarked Senator Krueger.  "I am pleased that DMI is taking a leadership role in providing sunshine and improved access to the decisions being made in Albany, while also illustrating an innovative new model in the evolution of digital information and politics."