State Senator Liz Krueger Introduces Reform Legislation to Limit Lobbying by Former Government Employees

Liz Krueger

January 19, 2006

Albany, NY – Tomorrow State Senator Liz Krueger (D-Manhattan) will introduce a simple, yet groundbreaking lobbying reform bill for consideration by her Senate colleagues.  The legislation would institute lobbying restrictions on legislative and executive chamber employees.  “This bill is the one of many necessary reforms that we need to make to protect the integrity of the Legislature and to restore public confidence in state government,” stated Senator Krueger. 


This legislation would close two loopholes in the existing Ethics Law.  The first amendment in this bill subjects Executive chamber employees to a two year limitation on lobbying in either house of the Legislature. The second sets a flat two year limitation on Legislative employees lobbying the Legislature after the employee terminates employment.  Current provisions of the Ethics Law allow Executive Chamber employees to leave employment one day and lobbying both Houses of the Legislature the following day. Similarly, Legislative employees can retire on December 31st, at the close of a two year Legislative session, and commence lobbying both Houses of the Legislature the following day.


Assemblymember Tom Kirwan is the sponsor of the same-as bill in the Assembly.


“As the Abramoff scandal has clearly proven to us all, there is a significant gap in leadership on the national level when it comes to reforming lobbying practices,” remarked Senator Krueger.  “We must continue to be vigilant at the state level so that government can be held accountable for its actions.  I expect to be introducing additional legislation to tighten lobbying standards in New York in the weeks and months ahead.”