State Senator Liz Krueger Urges New Liquor Authority Chair to Pay More Attention to New York City Licensing Practices

Liz Krueger

February 16, 2006

New York, NY - State Senator Liz Krueger (D-Manhattan ) today said she was hopeful the newly confirmed Chairman of the State Liquor Authority (SLA) Daniel B. Boyle would “improve the agency and be sensitive to the needs of New York City’s neighborhoods, especially those that have become saturated with bars and nightspots.”


Senator Krueger said the SLA “has a history of ignoring public input when they consider liquor license applications. I believe Mr. Boyle intends to address that problem.”


More than 39 percent of the State’s liquor licenses are issued within the five boroughs. In many Manhattan neighborhoods, an over-proliferation of bars and nightclubs can cause noise problems, crime and other disruptions to the community.


Senator Krueger had urged Governor Pataki to appoint an SLA commissioner who resided in New York City. In a December letter to the Governor, she said “when it comes to nightlife, New York City is unlike any other part of the State. The City’s population density, and its status as the nation’s entertainment capital, makes residents and late-night establishments unusually close neighbors.”


The letter, co-signed by 35 other State Legislators and several Community Boards told the Governor that the residents of New York City deserve a SLA Chair who “understands the unique and complex relationship between the City’s residential communities and its vibrant nightlife industry.”


Although Boyle does not reside in New York City, Senator Krueger said, “based on his answers to my questions when he came before the Judiciary committee, I believe he will attempt to make the SLA more responsive and appreciative of our neighborhoods and the problems we face.”


The Senate confirmed Boyle unanimously on Wednesday.