Dominican Hero Aquilino Gonell is Welcomed by President Luis Abinader at the National Palace.

On Friday, March 3rd, the President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, received the Dominican hero Aquilino Gonell at the National Palace. Sergeant Gonell was accompanied by New York State Senator Luis Sepúlveda, Dominican Republic Senator Alexis Victoria Yeb, and Communications Director Rusking Pimentel.

The purpose of Sergeant Gonell's visit was to be recognized and honored by the President of the Senate, Eduardo Estrella, and to visit the Mayor of the city, Carolina Mejía. During the meeting, President Abinader received one of the two flags that flew over the Federal Capitol, which had been awarded to Sergeant Gonell.

It is important to note that Sergeant Gonell was awarded the Medal of Freedom by US President Joe Biden in January for his bravery and heroism during the January 2021 attack on the Federal Congress. The Dominican hero proudly testified before Congress on July 27, 2022, ensuring that history accurately recorded the terrible events of that day, and received the Presidential Citizens Medal, the second-highest award a US citizen can receive, from President Biden.

Although Sergeant Gonell is still recovering from the physical and mental injuries sustained during the attack, he received a well-deserved recognition and a resolution from the Senate of the Dominican Republic in early March of this year, presented by Senator Alexis Victoria Yeb and the Honorable President of the Senate, Eduardo Estrella. This recognition marks the first time that a person has received such a well-deserved honor from both the New York State Senate and the Senate of the Dominican Republic.

Sergeant Gonell's heroism and bravery have been recognized both in the United States and in the Dominican Republic, and he is an example to follow for all citizens committed to defending democracy and freedom. His testimony and dedication have left an indelible mark on the history of both countries, and his legacy will be remembered forever.