History Made In New York State Today: Senate & Assembly Pass Bill Sponsored By Same Legislator In Same Legislative Session

State Senator Luis Sepúlveda’s legislation improving transparency on actions taken by Board of Parole had passed Assembly Prior to his winning election to State Senate in April and today passed the Senate.

ALBANY, NEW YORK (06/6/2018) – State Senator Luis Sepúlveda, Ranking Member of the Senate Standing Committee on Crime Victims, Crime and Corrections, today announced passage of three important pieces of legislation that will improve the lives of New Yorkers in all parts of the State.  One of the proposed laws is significant as it is the first time in New York State legislative history that one piece of legislation authored by the same lawmaker passes both houses in the same legislative session.

Earlier today, the New York State Senate passed legislation which had been approved by the New York State Assembly in February and is authored in both houses by newly elected State Senator Luis Sepúlveda.  The legislation (S.8647/A.2471), provides that the parole board shall publish demographic data including race, ethnicity, region of incarceration and other relevant data regarding the persons it considers for release in its statutorily required annual report to the governor and the legislature.  The legislation is significant as well because it helps make board of parole decisions more transparent by collecting and sharing data on age, ethnicity and other demographics involved in its duties. 

“It will probably never be a question on “Jeopardy” but I want to thank the Senate leadership and all my colleagues for supporting passage of this important piece of public policy and for allowing me to make legislative history. Having authored this legislation in both houses and having it pass both houses in the same legislative session is a first in New York State history,” asserted Senator Sepúlveda.

Senator Sepúlveda added, “The other two bills passing the Senate this week are just as significant for their impact on helping to improve the lives of our growing elderly and disabled populations and for attacking the rising rates of obesity and related chronic diseases now so prevalent throughout New York.”

Specifically both houses of the legislature have also passed legislation (S.8739/A.3958) that will create and provide a “best practices” tool for employees and employers who provide care for a disabled parent, spouse, or child.  “Informal caregiving saves over $20 billion per year in government spending which would otherwise be required to take care of informed New Yorkers.  Helping employees and employers use best practices to care for their loved ones improves the quality of life for everyone involved and I am proud to have worked on this important and impactful initiative,” declared Senator Sepúlveda.

The third piece of legislation that will head to the desk of Governor Andrew Cuomo also has major significance on the quality of life of New Yorkers and on the financial health of our healthcare institutions. “The Kaiser Foundation has projected that over 6 million New Yorkers will be suffering from Type 2 Diabetes by 2030.  New Yorkers and our healthcare facilities will be stressed and strained by the impact and cost of treating this chronic disease.  Establishing a New York State Physical Fitness and Activity Education Campaign, as my legislation requires (S.8716/A.4426), needs diligent action and I strongly urge the Governor to sign this bill into law this month,” stated Senator Luis Sepúlveda.

Sepúlveda continued, “In working together to solve the many challenges facing our communities and our State, all the members of the New York State Legislature give a clear example of how bipartisanship and healthy debate makes our democracy stronger and the lives of all New Yorkers better.”

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