New York State Senator Luis Sepúlveda takes action against the manufacture, sale, or distribution of assault weapons or “ghost guns”

The violence that afflicts our city and all of New York State must be met with strong action. These actions must be aligned with the law and the desire of our people to live in peace. I invite you to join me in supporting a bill I have introduced in the New York Senate. Bill S8163 seeks to give tools to people who are victims of gun crimes and present economic deterrents to those who deal in guns. This bill empowers individuals to take civil action against those who manufacture, sell or distribute ghost guns and their components as well as those who manufacture, sell or distribute assault weapons used to commit crimes. Statistics show that half of the guns recovered at crime scenes such as homicides are so-called "ghost guns”.

These weapons cannot be traced, are often purchased for parts and assembled later, or weapons that have had their serial number or identification removed for the purpose of not being traced or identified. This is done for the sole purpose of committing violent crimes. This law will give the people who are victims of gun crimes the ability to seek restitution from those who are making money in this violent industry. In addition to serving as an economic detriment to those who market these elements of violence. This bill is an innovative approach that seeks intelligent solutions to the problem of violence that affects us. New York neither manufactures nor assembles the guns that take the lives of the people of this state. It is time for those who make money from this type of crime to be held accountable.