New York State Senators meet with their counterparts in the Senate of the Dominican Republic

Yesterday, I convened a group of my Democratic colleagues in the New York State Senate and other elected officials to meet Senator Alexis Victoria Yeb of the Dominican Republic. This was the first working meeting in preparation for our trip to the city of Santo Domingo. 

The trip will take place following a letter of acceptance from Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Senate President Eduardo Estrella. I want to thank the Majority Leader for her leadership and the support she shows to our Latino community. I would also like to thank the President of the Dominican Senate for his attention and willingness to reach this important collaboration. 

My Democratic colleagues in the New York State Senate: Senators Gustavo Rivera, Leroy Comrie, John Liu, and Jamaal Bailey have always fought for the rights and the needs of the Latino community. They are leaders of goodwill in their districts and work every day so that their constituents can improve the quality of their lives. The commitment of my colleagues fills me with honor and pride, for in this meeting and in their actions as elected officials, they have demonstrated their commitment to the Dominican community. I have also learned of the commitment and work of the Senator of the Dominican Republic, Alexis Victoria Yeb, who has been the main liaison and collaborator for this agreement to be put into action. At the meeting, we were honored by the presence of Senators Gustavo Rivera, Leroy Comrie, John Liu, and Jamaal Bailey, Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson, the Honorable Consul of the Dominican Republic Eligio Jaquez, and Roberto Perez, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for NYC Mayor Eric Adams. 

I am sure that this relationship that begins now with the Senate of the Dominican Republic will be of great benefit to the Dominicans living here and that is why my colleagues and I are honored to participate in it and to be able to serve a valuable community such as the Dominican community.