NYS Senator Luis Sepúlveda Statement on Governor Hochul Signing S2209

Bronx, NY— Luis R. Sepúlveda, State Senator for New York’s 32nd Senatorial District released the following statement on a bill signed by Governor Hochul. 

Last week, Governor Hochul signed a package of bills aimed at reducing drug-related overdose and encouraging New Yorkers to seek assistance with their recovery. Today, Governor Hochul signed my bill S.2209 into law which requires the Office of Addiction Services and Supports to update its guidelines for correctional substance use disorder treatment, in line with best practices, and would require annual reporting of data on the substances that incarcerated individuals are most commonly addicted to and what treatment they receive.

It is no surprise that many individuals struggling with addiction also end up incarcerated. Studies have shown that about 60% of incarcerated individuals are dealing with some level of substance misuse. This bill requires the Office of Addiction Services  and Supports to monitor substance use disorder treatment programs in state correctional facilities and file an annual report on the adequacy of such programs. This data will include the substances incarcerated individuals are commonly using and will help us understand how many individuals are receiving treatment and how we can provide them with services while incarcerated so that when they return home, they do not return to drug or opioid use, and hopefully can cure their addiction to become more productive members of society. It is crucial to not only raise awareness of the opioid crisis on the outside but in our correctional facilities as well.

I thank Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal for tirelessly working on this legislation with my office. I am extremely thankful and applaud Governor Hochul for signing this bill into law.