NYS Senator Luis Sepúlveda Statement on Governor Hochul Signing S.3070

Bronx, NY — Luis R. Sepúlveda, State Senator for New York’s 32nd Senatorial District released the following statement on Senate Bill S3070 signed by Governor Hochul.

Today, Governor Hochul signed my bill S.3070 which directs the president of the state civil service commission to conduct a study on the current civil service examination process. This legislation intends to improve employment opportunities for qualified minorities in the New York State civil service system. This system oversees the employment of over 630,000 government public sector employees. A study in the early 2000s stated that Latinos made up over 16% of the entire state population but accounted for only 3.8 percent or 6.515 of the 169.571 jobs in the state government workforce. Since 1991, the African-American civil service workforce has seen a dramatic decline. The more than 11,000 jobs lost by this group represent an almost 30% decline in the African-American state workforce. This reduction came during a period when the African-American population in New York grew by 16.1%.

This study will help increase the amount of diversity in our civil service workforce. I believe that this bill, along with S.2057, which intends to improve the promotion and administration of scheduled civil service exams to assist in the recruitment of qualified minority candidates. This legislation was signed earlier this year by Governor Hochul  and will have a huge impact on our civil service system.   I would like to thank Governor Hochul for signing these two bills into law.