NYS Senator Luis Sepúlveda Welcomes Dominican Teachers to New York City

Today we welcome 25 teachers from the Dominican Republic. This morning at an event held at the Consulate General of the Dominican Republic in New York and with the presence of the Honorable Consul General Eligio Jaques and New York City Schools Chancellor David Banks we were able to meet some of them. 

A few of these teachers are in schools in the Bronx. This program is very important because it helps our Hispanic students in public schools to grow in diversity and culture. According to the Chancellor’s announcement, the program intends to expand to more teachers and more schools in New York, bringing these teachers from the Dominican Republic.

I am glad to know that these professionals are coming to New York State with a package of work incentives in terms of salary and housing facilities for them and their families.

I applaud the leadership of the Honorable Consul General Eligio Jaques and Chancellor David Banks, as well as ADASA for this beautiful initiative that will benefit our children and the student community. 

The program is expected to be evaluated for expansion based on the results they deliver. The teachers have arrived with a full salary incentive plan and housing assistance.