State Senator Sepúlveda and Assembly Member Jackson Introduce Legislation to Expand Notification Requirements for the Construction or Removal of Bicycle Lanes and Racks

Bronx, NY—Today, NYS Senator Luis Sepúlveda introduced legislation (S.6929) that would amend the New York City Administrative Code to require the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) to notify elected officials and community board representatives when planning to construct or remove bicycle lanes and when planning to install bicycle racks. Assembly Member Chantel Jackson will join Senator Luis Sepúlveda in co-sponsoring this measure in the Assembly. 

This legislation would amend the New York Administrative Code by requiring a ninety-day notice be provided to the affected council member, state senator, assembly member, and the district manager of the affected community board of the proposed plan. It would also codify the city’s requirement to provide a presentation at a public community board meeting within forty-five days of any such notice while also requiring that an additional presentation be made any time changes are sought to the original plan to allow for community input.

This legislation comes in light of spurring community disapproval of additional bicycle lanes and bicycle rack installations to be added in the Bronx. 

“Both community board members and constituents have mentioned disapproval of current plans to add bicycle lanes and racks throughout the Bronx. This legislation would ensure that elected officials and community board managers are notified when plans involving bicycle lanes and bicycle racks are proposed and that said community is able to provide feedback on these plans. My colleagues and our constituents should have a say in structural changes that could affect members of our community,” said NYS Senator Luis Sepúlveda who represents the 32nd Senate District. “I look forward to continuing to work with the Department of Transportation to address the important concerns of members of our community.”

“As a cyclist, I know how important bike lanes are, especially for the Bronx. However, we should be adding them responsibly and with the input of the people who will be affected the most. We need the Department of Transportation to give us timely notice of changes to our community,” noted Assembly Member Chantel Jackson who represents the 79th Assembly District

“I applaud any legislation that returns some power to the community,” said Frank Franz, Board Member of Bronx Community Board #6. “New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world. As a result, solutions to its problems should be equally diverse. What works in Williamsburg does not necessarily work on Fifth Avenue or in the Bronx. This is not just a matter of bike lanes, but a matter of public safety and the welfare of thousands of children who visit the Bronx Zoo every week.”

NYS Senator Luis Sepúlveda and Assembly Member Chantel Jackson urge the NYC Department of Transportation to continue to work with community partners to address pending issues regarding expanding bicycle lanes and racks within the Bronx.