Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith Appoints Gerard Romski To Traffic Congestion Commission

Malcolm A. Smith

August 21, 2007

State Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith (D-St. Albans) today announced his choice of Gerard Romski to serve on the newly-formed New York City Traffic Congestion Mitigation Commission responsible for overseeing a comprehensive plan to relieve traffic gridlock in the City.

"As a housing developer with an interest in the future of New York's public transit system, Gerard Romski brings valuable expertise to the Commission's review of a plan to address traffic congestion in New York City where public transportation improvements must play a key role," said Smith.

In July, the Legislature passed and the Governor signed legislation authorizing development of the Traffic Congestion Mitigation Commission. The measure stemmed from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to charge motorists a congestion pricing fee for entering a zone of Manhattan during high-traffic periods.

The legislation calls for a 17-member Commission comprised of appointments made by State and City officials. Its task is to review a plan for reducing traffic congestion in New York City and issue recommendations on how such a plan should be implemented.

Last week, Mayor Bloomberg's office announced that the U.S. Dept. of Transportation would award the City $354 million for transit improvements and costs associated with implementation of a congestion mitigation plan.

"I am confident that Mr. Romski will approach his role on the Commission with an open mind and an open ear to the diverse opinions that members of the Senate Democratic Conference hold when it comes to New York City's long-term transportation needs," Smith said.

"Mr. Romski is as much their appointee as he is mine," he added, "and I encourage my Conference to see him as their advocate."

A native of Queens and a graduate of Brooklyn Law School, Mr. Romski currently serves as Counsel and Project Executive for Arverne by the Sea, one of New York City's largest mixed-use development projects, with more than 2,300 new housing units planned in Queens. He is also involved in other residential development projects throughout the Metropolitan area where public transportation investments are essential.

Mr. Romski, a former partner at the law firm Ross and Cohen, LLP, has also served as the Assistant Division Chief in the Real Estate Litigation Division of the New York City Corporation Counsel's office where he represented the City in real estate matters. He lives in Mount Kisco, New York.