Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith Praises Gov. Spitzer’s State Of The State Address

Malcolm A. Smith

January 09, 2008

            “Governor Spitzer’s first State of the State Address was a breath of fresh air and presented a plan that is exactly what the people of New York called for and overwhelmingly elected Eliot Spitzer to do: reform our state government, cut property taxes, revitalize our economy with a focus on upstate, fix the workers’ comp system, improve the state’s business climate and provide more resources for education,” Senator Smith said. 


            “This ambitious list is nothing short of historic and I have full confidence in Governor Spitzer’s ability to inspire, motivate and to bring together all the partners in our state government to finally deliver to the people a government based on the ideas and values that will produce results based on innovation and cooperation,” said Senator Smith.
            “Governor Spitzer truly believes that if we do not work together to reform the issues that are presented to us -- a broken healthcare system, a struggling upstate economy, an education system that has done wrong by our children, and a government that has encouraged cynicism and distrust -- the result will be, as the Governor rightfully put it, a state that stands still while the rest of the world passes us by,” he continued.