Senate Democrats Maintain Strong Environmental Positions

Malcolm A. Smith

October 18, 2007

ALBANY -- October 18, 2007 -- Senate Democrats outscored Republicans in the latest environmental voting guide issued by the Environmental Advocates of New York. Each year the environmental scorecard is released to demonstrate which lawmakers are eco-friendly and voted correctly on important issues aimed at protecting the environment.

Every Senate Democrat voted correctly on the 50-ranked bills at least 72 percent of the time as compared to 25 of the 31 Republicans in the Senate voting in favor of environmentally-friendly measures less than 72 percent of the time, according to the EPL/Environmental Advocates scorecard.

The scorecard also showed that Senate Democrats improved their voting score by five percentage points over last year, bringing their average correct voting record to 86 percent. This demonstrated a 15-point spread over Senate Republicans.

"We are very proud to be known as the greener side of the aisle in the Senate," said Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith (D – St. Albans). "Our Green Apple Initiative, launched earlier this year, clearly demonstrates our commitment to mitigating air pollution, cleaning up brownfields, halting suburban sprawl and preserving wetlands that keep our drinking water and waterways safe for recreational use."

Senate Democrats are urging their colleagues on the other side of the aisle to endorse and support their package of bills aimed at protecting and safeguarding the state's environment so New York's families can live, grow, work and thrive in the Empire State. This is one New York.