The Senate Minority Applaud Bonacic Measure To Equalize Resources Among Legislators

Malcolm A. Smith

March 06, 2007

Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith today applauded Senator John Bonacic (R-New Paltz) for introducing a measure requiring that all Legislators receive equal allocations to run their offices and serve their constituents.

Smith noted the measure is one long supported by Senate Minority, most recently during the adoption of Senate Rules.

"This is a true reform measure," Smith said. "It would ensure that all New Yorkers receive adequate and equal representation, as guaranteed by our Constitution."

Bonacic’s measure would provide "reasonable additional assistance for Committee Chairs and Ranking Members," who have additional responsibilities.

Smith said he is pleased "members of the Majority conference are adopting the reform measures that Senate Minority has long advocated. Real changes and real reform are finally coming to Albany and to the State Senate."