Senate President Malcolm A. Smith Announces Passage of Public Housing Law Aimed at Benefiting the Disabled

 (Far Rockaway, NY)-  Senate President Malcolm A. Smith announced the passage of  legislation which provides all public housing residents with limited mobility the option to live as close to the ground floor as possible. This comes after a deadly fire last year in Carleton Manor took the life of a mother and her handicapped daughter who lived on the 10th floor.
“ In the event that there is an emergency, it's only fitting that public housing residents with limited mobility be located as close to the ground floor as possible. This legislation will ensure that if a unit becomes available on a lower floor, it is offered to current tenants who have a physically disabling condition in order to make access to and from the apartment more manageable,” said Senator Smith.
  The plan includes:
· An expansion of polling locations that follow the accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities act.
· Equality for those with physical disabilities in regards to fares for public transportation.
· Holding insurance companies accountable for their lack of timeliness in reimbursing those who purchase their wheelchairs out of pocket.
· Ensuring those with disabilities are not discriminated against when seeking services—including programs and activities—from public entities.
Assemblywoman Audrey Pheffer (D- Rockaway Beach) said: “Accessibility & mobility are paramount issues for those that are handicapped.  This legislation gives a disabled tenant the ability to choose an apartment closer to entrances and exits.”
Assemblywoman Michele Titus (D- Far Rockaway) said: “ This legislation enables New York to be a more fair and equal place to live. We as elected officials must be the voice for all people. ”

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