Senator Malcolm A. Smith Announces Funding Increases For Crime Prevention

Malcolm A. Smith

July 17, 2007

State Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith (D-Queens) today announced funding for a statewide program to reduce violent crime in counties represented by members of the Senate Democratic Conference, including Albany, Erie, Nassau, Niagara, Onondaga and Westchester Counties.

The funding comes from a pool included in the State Budget for Operation IMPACT, an effort to bolster crime-prevention operations in the 17 counties outside New York City plagued with more than 80 percent of statewide crime.

Total funding for Operation IMPACT will increase from $14.9 million to $17 million with much of that amount going to programs in counties represented by Senate Democrats where the program has already proven to help reduce crime.

"This is an exceptional program that has been effective in tackling the problem of violent crime in localities throughout New York State since 2004," said Smith. "With this additional funding, counties can continue building on efforts to make our streets and our communities safer."

"Violent crime is clearly a statewide problem," Smith added. "Operation IMPACT recognizes the need to target resources where they are needed most while pooling together intellectual capital for the benefit of crime-prevention on a coordinated scale all across New York State."

According to statistics provided by the Governor's office, crime in counties where Operation IMPACT has been implemented is down by five percent.

Operation IMPACT dollars can be used for such purposes as personnel, equipment and technological improvements, provided that funding is applied toward crime-reduction goals. The state's Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) also coordinates with local IMPACT sites to assess program effectiveness and develop strategies for improvement.

Funding for Operation IMPACT is being provided to the following counties:

Albany – Sen. Neil Breslin $1,282,388
Erie – Sen. William Stachowski and Antoine Thompson $1,980,333
Nassau – Sen. Craig Johnson $1,539, 628
Niagara – Sen. William Stachowski and Antoine Thompson $638,711
Onondaga – Sen. David Valesky $1,183,189
Westchester – Sen. Andrea Stewart Cousins $1,959,248