Senator Malcolm A. Smith Announces New Transit Rules For NYC Commuters

Malcolm A. Smith

December 08, 2005

State Senator Malcolm A. Smith (D-Queens) announced today that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority will be adopting new procedures regarding the conduct and safety of its passengers. The new rules went into effect on December 5th, 2005, for people who ride NYC Transit buses, subways and transit facilities.

"The new rules were created to increase the safety of the New York City Transit and protect its passengers. I hope that everyone who uses these facilities will comply with these new rules so that we can continue to keep the NYC Transit system a safe and efficient one," said Senator Smith.

The new Rules of Conduct include:

*Passengers must refrain from jumping over the turnstile or entering the system in any
improper manner.
* Passengers cannot refuse to present special farecard to a police officer or transit employee.
* Passengers cannot operate a bicycle, skateboard, scooter or wear roller skates.
* Passengers are not allowed to move between end doors of a subway car anytime other
than an emergency.

The old rules concerning violations are still in effect, such as:

* Passengers must pay the appropriate fare and cannot panhandle or beg.
* Passengers must refrain from playing a loud radio or other amplified device on a platform.
* Passengers cannot block others from moving and cannot lay down.
* Passengers cannot drink alcoholic beverages or carry an open container onto a train or bus.
* Passengers cannot enter tracks or tunnels or engage in any commercial activity.
* Passengers must refrain from carrying bulky items that could be an inconvenience or a
hazard to others.
* Passengers must refrain from damaging subway or bus property, including graffiti and litter.
* Passengers cannot smoke anywhere on NYC Transit property.

"We have seen terrorists target mass transit systems in European cities," said Senator Smith. "So it is important to always stay vigilant and follow the rules when riding a city subway or bus."

For more information on these new Rules of Conduct, go to the MTA website at, or you can contact the NYC Transit’s Director of Government and Community Relations at 646-252-2660.