Senator Malcolm A. Smith Applauds $354 Million Transportation Grant

Malcolm A. Smith

August 21, 2007

State Senator Malcolm A. Smith today praised the U.S. Department of Transportation's decision to award $354 million to New York City to help fight the City's traffic congestion problem.

"This funding gives us an opportunity to examine ways to relieve congestion not just in Midtown Manhattan, but throughout the City," Senator Smith said. "This is a great first step in ensuring a healthier future for New York City residents."

The Queens lawmaker noted that he is among 25 Senate Democrats who represent New York City and its suburbs. He said he and his colleagues can bring many ideas to the table about how to make the Metropolitan area a less congested and healthier place to live.

"Along with my colleagues in the Senate, I believe that providing better public transportation can improve the quality of life for everyone who lives in New York City and its suburbs," Senator Smith said.

Last month the Senate and Assembly passed legislation that creates the 17-member New York City Traffic Congestion Mitigation Commission. The Commission will review Mayor Bloomberg's plan to address traffic congestion and make recommendations on its implementation.

Senator Smith expressed confidence that the Commission will come up with a plan that considers the needs of all New Yorkers.

"People come into New York to work from locations near and far. It is important that the members of the Commission take into account every scenario to ensure that all of our neighborhoods are treated equally, and that this plan does not have an adverse effect on any community," Senator Smith concluded.