Senator Malcolm A. Smith Recognizes Queens Woman on 96 Th Birthday

Malcolm A. Smith

February 22, 2010

Rebecca Williams bought a home in Jamaica, Queens in 1964.

(D-St. Albans) – Senate President Malcolm A. Smith paid tribute to Rebecca Williams as she celebrated her 96th birthday.

“It is a blessing and an honor to live as long as Ms. Williams has. She has her family and her health, you can’t ask for anything more,” said Smith.

Rebecca Williams was born February 22, 1914 on South Carolina’s costal region, Edisto Island. She moved to New York during World War II  for better employment opportunities. Eventually, Queens became her borough of choice and in 1964 she bought a home in Jamaica. She understood that by owning your own home you also owned a piece of the American dream.

“ To be a African American homeowner in the 1960’s is a wonderful accomplishment. Ms. Williams moved to New York, worked hard, bought a house and now at the age of 96-years young is able to love comfortably. ”

Rebecca worked as a domestic and also in a linen factory. She believed  that working hard and saving her money was a secure path to accomplishment. She also believed in exercise. She would walk to Jamaica Avenue from her home on Linden Boulevard and the Van Wyck Expressway. She would often say “ I would rather walk then wait for the bus.”

Over fifty years ago Rebecca left the world of non-believers and dedicated her life to Jesus Christ.

Although Rebecca only completed the fifth grade, it was very important to her that her children attend college. Her gift to her grand and great grand children was paying for the first semester of  college. She inspired her children to work hard, love sincerely and look-out for one another.

“This is a woman that we can all model ourselves after. She worked hard and was able to provide a good life for herself and her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She has a lot to be proud of and deserves to be recognized,” said Senator Smith.