Senator Smith Announces Newly Improved Property Tax Bills To Be Sent To All New York City Property Owners

Malcolm A. Smith

December 13, 2004

Senator Malcom A. Smith (D-Queens) announced today that the Department of Finance has developed a new way to distribute property tax billing information to New York City residents. The improved document is called a "Statement of Account" and it is a more comprehensive version of the old property tax bills that residents are used to receiving.

"I am thrilled that the Finance Department has developed a system to not only improve but to simplify the property tax billing system for New York City residents." said Senator Smith. "Unlike the old bill, it will include all delinquency notices and past-due bills, which will eliminate the need to send separate notices throughout the year, which can be confusing for some residents."

Senator Smith continued, "Not only will this new system allow for easier and more timely property tax payment, but it allows residents who pay taxes through their bank to see the actual tax bill paid by the bank, something they were never given access to before. This change represents a huge step in improving customer service."

"Residents who pay their property taxes can directly use the Statement of Account to pay their taxes online, by mail or in person. This new way of obtaining your property tax billing information will benefit the Department of Finance as well as residents of New York City. I cannot think of a better plan than that," said Senator Smith.

Residents who have questions about the new Statement of Account can go to the Finance Department’s website, for more information.